Authentic and Vulnerable: My Health Journey & Becoming a Health Coach

There are 2 things (among others) that we need in order to make positive changes in our life, our relationships, and our health. These two things are authenticity and vulnerability. As a Health Coach, I can’t ask you to do something I’m not willing nor able to do myself. That would be hypocritical I think. So, today, I’m being authentic and vulnerable as I tell you a little bit about myself, my health journey and what brought me to Health Coaching.

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Eva Bartos. I’m 45 years old, married and I’m a certified Health and Life Coach.

What brought me to Health Coaching is actually the same reason I named by practice, Your Nourishing Self. What is that reason? My own health journey.

When I was young, life was challenging. Middle School years are typically turbulent years to begin with. My parents did the best they could with what they had and with what they knew. They wanted the best for us kids (I’m the oldest of 3). My parents wanted the best for us and it was a struggle for them.

They each worked full time, my father worked nights my mother worked during the day. They had parallel lives. They did this so that we could have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and clothes to wear. I know that now….. back then, as a kid….. I just thought it was chaotic.

Because of their parallel and highly stressful schedules, coupled with trying to raise 3 children, pay the bills, and so on, there were marital problems between my parents. As the oldest child, I knew that. And, the only way I had any sense of control in my life was to purge. I ate and then I purged.

It was JUST at breakfast time! It totally makes sense now because it was the busiest time of the day. We kids had to get ready for school, mom was getting ready for work, and dad would be coming home from work. So, at that time, purging was my way of having a sense, a perceived sense, of control. I couldn’t control anything else that was going on around me, but I COULD control THAT! And I did it perfectly for about 3 years!

During high school, another unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship with food started. I over-ate. I ate my emotions, I know I did. So, if I was happy, I ate. If I was sad, I ate. If I was anxious or nervous or depressed, I ate. So, I became over-weight. This was true right up until and including, my first year of college.

Oh! It was hard to go from building to building. Walking was difficult, breathing was just really challenging. I was making poor choices in the foods that I ate. A Power Bar and a can of Jolt or Yoo-hoo (remember those? Do they still sell those?) became my mainstays.

And then, something clicked. Something “clicked” loud enough for me to pay attention. My body went into full on alert mode and I HAD to listen. I could no longer ignore the signs that something had to change. I was 20 years old, and I was a mess!

I couldn’t walk an extended amount of time without getting winded. It was so uncomfortable just to button my pants all the way up. My cholesterol levels were really high. I could hear my heart beat in my ears at night because of the high blood pressure! I mean, something’s really wrong if I could hear the Wooshing sound of my blood in my ears!! I had heart palpitations. I was scared!

So, what did I do? I took stock of my situation and I started taking note of which foods were healthy for me and which weren’t. I began exercising, moving my body in ways that were healthy AND fun for me. I didn’t like running, so, I walked. As I walked, I lost weight, gained more energy, breathed deeper and fuller, fit into my clothes better, gained more self-esteem, confidence, self-assurance, and I got strong. I felt wonderful! Amazing!

I kept this going for the next 20 years! Right up to my last 2 years of teaching! I taught Kindergarten and I loved it for the first 18 years! The last 2 years of it, I could NOT stand!

It didn’t align with my belief as to what being in the “humanities field” should (yes, I used the word “should” here) be about! It became cut-throat, hyper-focused on scores and numbers that in order to keep up (which I did, very well by the way) I started neglecting my health. I became stressed out.

So although I was still eating healthy food, I was once again having digestive issues, stomach was in knots all the time (felt like the food I ate would get stuck in my throat). I had headaches every day, trouble sleeping, constantly tired, heart racing in my chest and in my neck, cold sweats, and panic attacks! So here I was, eating healthy food and exercising but not in the least bit healthy! I felt lost, stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, back to not being able to take a deep, fulfilling breath. Internally, I felt loss of control and jittery — always on edge!

Once again, I HAD to make the decision! I did what was good for my health and I resigned! It took some time for me to re-assess my life after all that! I had the support of my husband and true friends that helped!

Then, one of my good friends began training as a Health Coach and I jumped at the opportunity to be her client. It was one of the best moves I had made in a very long time! I was so drawn to the prospect of helping other people in this way, that I began training as a Health Coach.

What did I learn from my experiences and especially, from having a Health Coach myself? That health includes physical emotional, and social well-being. It is when all THREE areas are in sync, that we have health… that we feel truly nourished!

I heard someone say recently, “the state of your body, is the state of your life.” This was so very true for me. Think about it. “The state of your body, is the state of your life.”

Is your body feeling stress? >>>>> Is your life stressed?

Is your body overweight? >>>>> Is your life over-scheduled? (Over-eating and over-scheduled is the same thing for your body).

Is your body under-exercised? >>> Is your life under-nourished?

The state of your body is the stated of your life! Interesting right????

If this inspired you in ANY way, would you share this post to inspire someone else? Thank you.




I show professional women how to reduce stress so you no longer have to suffer from debilitating fatigue, out-of-control cravings, or weight gain.

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Eva Bartos Certified Health/Life Coach

Eva Bartos Certified Health/Life Coach

I show professional women how to reduce stress so you no longer have to suffer from debilitating fatigue, out-of-control cravings, or weight gain.

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